First Football Game

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Me, Noah, Sabrina, Timmy and Leo went to watch the ducks crush the Fresno State Bulldogs Sept. 15. It was a beautiful day, the ducks won easily, the crowd was in a good mood, and the kids did pretty well too, lasting a full 90 minutes.

Green Lakes

Green Lakes 003
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Summer is ending, 2007, Cristin and I spent Friday and Saturday night at the Parsons’ house in Bend. We had a very pleasant (for me at least) hike up to Green Lakes, me talking about old times, telling stories of before Cristin was born, how we met at Notre Dame, and like that.

The day was perfect, not too hot but clear intense blue sky and high 80s in Bend, probably about 70s right here at the top, where we ate lunch. We put jackets on because we sat in the shade after hiking up hill with backpacks, so it was more comfortable with a jacket.

We talked some about synchronicity. Like Vange acing the test at the US embassy to get a scholarship, for example. I told the story of our first date, and my out-of-character skipping out of things the following week.

It was a really nice day with Cristin. We finished with dinner at Deep, which is as I write this a new sushi restaurant in Bend, and a Netflix marathon with Profiler.

Vange and Megan and the Parsons were in Southern California for a wedding, Laura was “home alone” at the Parsons house, and the New York Berrys were in Bulgaria at Boyan’s wedding.