Tears in Heaven

It was dark. Sometime in 1994 or early 1995. Probably Spring of 1995, come to think of it, an April trip, we stayed at Sunriver, it was cold. Too cold to do much. But that’s not the point.1995Megan95.jpg

We drove through Bend, business 97, at night, in surprisingly heavy traffic (for Bend). Cristin and Megan were in the back seat. We played Eric Clapton’s “tears in heaven” from a CD.

After the song finished, in the moment of silence that followed, we heard very quiet sobbing in the back seat. It was Megan.

“Megan! What’s Wrong? What happened?

“I miss Paul,” she said. She was about as old as she looks in this picture.

You can click the audio icon here to play that song …

On the Bike with Leo

Saturday in August, started out well with tennis with Megan, then biking with the Parsons, and later that afternoon Vange and I took care of Timmy and Leo while they went off to a library funding function. Here’s a quick snippet:

Wasco Lake with Llamas

The music was fun while it lasted
The music was fun while it lasted

Sabrina posted Llama Packing with the Kids on MommyCeo and I tracked back to that with Packing with Llamas on Planning Stories Startups. My favorite photo is the one of me and Leo in the lake, although I know it could have been taken anywhere, but it was a good moment for me.

A cool dip after a warm dusty afternoon
A cool dip after a warm dusty afternoon

I’ve seen how well Facebook works, and, with Amiglia threatened, also been working with iPhoto to Flickr and iPhoto to Facebook.

Here’s the Flickr links:

At last, were here ...
At last, we're here ...