Rain, rain, rain. A beautiful view from the 53rd floor. The first day was just cloudy, the second day rained all day, and we had work to do at the ASBDC. I was told that Leo especially loved the Science and Art museum, which was full of trains.

Then I went home and they went to Maine.



Strange weather for Chicago in the first week of September.

The Life of Luxury

Kids in Bathtub

Disney vacation, May 2008. This was in the vacation club master bathroom, with a flat screen tv showing cartoons. Sabrina points out the look on Leo’s face; this was early in the week, so he still had some doubts.

Timmy And Caden Skiing

This video was taken and produced by Chad Barczak. That’s his 5-year-old son Caden on the snowboard, and Timmy on skis, at 3. Timmy and Caden play together at school, and Chad was a Palo Alto Software employee for several years. At the end they’re going down the Summit lift, Bachelor’s finest. This was filmed in late March, 2008.

Click for Youtube direct.

Timmy Skiing at Bachelor

Noah took this on March 9, 2008. Timmy seems to have taken a big step up with his skiing the last few weeks. He went up to the summit at Bachelor a couple times last weekend — he calls it “the grown-up hiill” and skied down by himself. He’s skiing a lot of runs now, ending up tired and happy.

Click for the video


Thanksgiving 2007

I intend to post links to pictures later. We weren’t the most photogenic group on this holiday, to be truthful. The four of us drove over to Bend Wednesday, and the Parsons drove over with Katherine, and Lupe and Luis flew to Redmond and rented a car, to join us. Rodrigo came with us.Timmy and Leon

The skiing was tough. Bachelor had barely enough snow to open, even with its snowmaking equipment, and I ran over rocks hidden in a thin veneer of snow and fell flat on my face. No damages, just looked dumb, right at the top of the Pine Martens lift. Timmy and Noah skied more than the rest of us, Megan and I got four runs, but our rental skiis were not the easiest and the slopes were dicy. Sabrina skied almost as much as Noah and Timmy, and Luis and Rodrigo skied (well, Luis was on his board, impeccably outfitted, of course).

Meanwhile, back at the lodge, it was sunny and beautiful unless you were Leo, who wasn’t feeling all that great.

We had Thanksgiving dinner at Sunriver Lodge.


Paul and Milena and Eva went to CanCun, and Laura stayed in Eugene.

Photos will be on Amiglia soon, in and

First Football Game

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Me, Noah, Sabrina, Timmy and Leo went to watch the ducks crush the Fresno State Bulldogs Sept. 15. It was a beautiful day, the ducks won easily, the crowd was in a good mood, and the kids did pretty well too, lasting a full 90 minutes.